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My Music

I love Funk music. It's not at complicated as my other love which is JAZZ, however, the feel and subtleties of funk have captivated me for years.  I'm related to one of Funks founders Sly Stone of Sly and Family stone. In working with him I've learned that there is no chain of command in music period. People who have just started playing music can capture his attention. Though Sly Stone knows music Theory he does not look down upon you if you don't. It's all about the feel, the vibe, the innocents and fealty of the FUNK.

Introducing Vegan Funk, the groundbreaking new album from Cori Jacobs. Endorsed by two legendary funk artists, Sly Stone and George Clinton, and featuring the incredible voice of Myra Washington, this is an album you won't want to miss. Produced and written by Cori Jacobs, Vegan Funk takes you on a journey of funk, soul and rhythm, with an ethical twist. Get ready to dance to the beat of vegan funk.


Manifesting The Funk is an E.P. written and produced by Cori Jacobs, featuring Beijing Olympic medalist Tasha Danvers. This powerful music is a tribute to the late George Floyd, who was tragically killed due to police brutality. Manifesting The Funk is an inspiring, soulful collection of funk-infused tunes that will get you moving and grooving.


Prince and the Vegan is an E.P. featuring Jaman Laws, son of saxophonist Ronnie Laws, Cornileous mimms, bassist and drum programmer for Micheal Jacksons speed demon, and Tracy Clinton, son of Goerge Clinton. This E.P. is a collection of funk and soul, with a contemporary twist that will have you grooving all night long. Prince and The Vegan is a must-listen for any music lover.

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