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Produced a song with a Client who realy pushes
his stuff. Music is it's own reward.


songwriting & engineering


  • Exceptional versatility and adaptability with Popular styles of music.

  • Solid musical background and recording experience.

  • Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.

  • Virtuoso piano and drum programming skills


  • Proficient in using Pro-tools & logic





    * Composer for the Allen Iverson Documentary “Iverson”.

    * Composer for Parliament Funkadelics "Ya Habbit" 

    * Composed String Arrangement for Beyonce Knowles  "Still in love".  

    * Composer for Common Wealth Health TV Ad.

    * Composition for the MTV show "Yo Mama".  

    * Compositions and programming for Lauryn Hill.   

    * Composition on HBO's "Brave new voices".

    * Composition on "Real Husbands of Hollywood".

    * Composition for the Wanda Sykes TV show.  


     *  Keyboard on "Stick Wit U" by the Pussycat dolls

     *  Keyboards on "Still in Love" by Beyonce

     *   Keyboards for Lauryn Hill 

     *  Keyboards on "Peace On earth" by Michelle (Destinys Child) 

     *  Keyboards and musical director for Sly Stone @ Coachella

     *  Keyboards for Tina Marrie & James Brown (Grammy Party)

     *  Keyboards for Drummer Virgil Donati  

     *  Keyboards for Atlantic Recording artist Hope Shorter

     *  Keyboards for Eric Benet



     * Mixing & Mastering for underscore for the Allen Iverson Documentry

     * Tracking overdub engineer for Leny Kravitz at the Democratic National    


      * Tracking engineer for Sly Stone’sd "I’m Back" album released on Cleopatra  


      * Mixing Engineer for Peter Erskin & Paul Jackson Jr. promoting Zoom


      * Mastering Engineer for actress Kim fields album Smooth is spoken here 

      * Tracking and mixing Engineer for beats made for Lauryn Hill (unreleased)

      * Tracking engineer for Atlantic recording artist "HOPE SHORTER”

      * Tracking & mixing engineer for the song "Role Model" for the 2pac                

          documentary "Thug  Angel".

     * Tracking and Mixing engineer for American Idols Megan Bobo.

     * Tracking and mixing engineer for song placed on MTV’s Yo mama

     * Tracking and mixing engineer  for Christabell of Malta.  Best R&B vocals;

         Coca Cola music awards.

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